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Toyota differential fill plug size

toyota differential fill plug size The 8. It uses a 10mm Allen drive wrench to be secured. Discussion Starter • #1 For Toyota 4Runner FJ Cruiser Front Differential Drain Plug Genuine 90341-24014. Fix differential carrier sub-assembly. 8) started making some noise, I took it to a local garage near my work and he reckons its the gearbox bearings. This Part Is A Set of 2 Magnetic Drain And 2 Filler Plugs with 4 Washers. For this, you need a clear plastic tube and a pump to squeeze the fluid into the differential. com Diff Transfer Gearbox Drain Filler Plug Kit suitable for Landcruiser Hilux. Is there a special tool to get it off? Or maybe I should just take off the cover? Shop 2021 Toyota Supra Engine Expansion Plug (Rear). 1 quarts. . Used PB blaster and nothing. Genuine Toyota Part - 1215710010 6 spd gearbox = 2. Cover Bolts !” - 16 lb ft Differential Mounting Bolts 15/16” Blue 110 - 140 lb ft The fill plug size is 24 mm, but as you learned, a 15/16" socket works well. . Gasket; plug. Drain plug install. " - Stronger housing than the 4cyl diff - Larger carrier bearings than the 4cyl diff - 30 spline axles - 27 spline pinion (pre-'96) - Ten 10mm ring gear bolts The Toyota Maintenance Guide for the four-cylinder Camry 5SFE engine says to inspect the automatic transmission fluid (ATF) every 30,000 miles. Don’t get any on your shirt because GL-5 gear oil is smelly stuff. Toyota Front Differential Drain Plug Gasket 1996-2017 90430-24003. Also, the service book does not mention draining the transfer case. It doesn't say when or whether to replace the fluid, but in general, mechanics recommend a simple "drain-and-fill" every 30,000 miles. Ships from Toyota Parts Direct, London ON What is the size of the socket for the fill plug on the front and rear diff. Remove differential filler plug This plug fits the larger Briggs & Stratton and similar engines, generally serving as a fill and drain plug and sometimes the rear differential as well. The 10mm allen head hex hole in the Toyota plug is very easy to strip meaning an expensive trip to your mechanic or Toyota dealer. A video I watched of a guy changing his diff fluid showed that plug with a rubber o ring. Please note this is on the front of the differential located near the pinion. That means when an automotive axle part is replaced with a genuine Spicer part, you are getting the same performance and reliability you have come to expect. S. See full list on off-road. Remove differential drain plug. Shop restoration car parts and accessories at Classic Chevy. 2001 Burb with 150k miles. Made of quality materials, it is engineered for reliable performance. Clearanced Differential Housing: One potential weakness of the Toyota axles in extreme off-road use is the drain plug located o the bottom of the axle housing. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 20 of 24 Posts. 41110h plug (for rear differential filler) 41110j gasket (for rear differential filler plug) 41201b bearing, tapered roller (for rear drive pinion front) 41201c seal, oil (for rear differential carrier) 41204 flange sub-assy, rear drive pinion companion, rear 41252 deflector, dust (for rear differential) 41214 slinger, rear differential drive The size depends on the year. and then squirt the G70 inside. Here at Toyota Parts Center, we carry a number of OEM drain plug gaskets that are sure to fit your vehicle the way Toyota intended. 6966 , Live Chat , or info@turnermotorsport. To ensure reliability, purchase Lexus part # 90341-18060 PLUG (FOR FRONT DIFFERENTIAL FILLER). 1. Then undo drain plug (red circle also 24mm). drain; drain plug (atm); drain plug (for automatic transmission case); drain plug(mtm); for center power take-off case; for differential drain; for differential filler; for differential filler plug; for differential inspection plug; for drain plug; for extension housing plug no. This differential cover has a 5 quart lube capacity (factory cover holds 4 quarts) at the factory line, a magnetic drain plug, a magnetic tipped fill plug for maximum rear-end protection. 0 litres : Intercooler capacity: 2. 7, 4x4 Tacoma with 56K and I changed the rear differential fluid about 25K miles ago. I ordered a quantity of the special plug crush washers too (common to both plug types). No success. Always crack the fill plug open first. 3L: Service type Differential / Gear Oil - Front Replacement: Estimate $153. TRANSFER CASE: Torque is 27 lb. ) Yet Toyota decided against installing an extended rear axle differential breather. See picture 2 For all 6. The washer is less than a buck. Usually, a manual transmission or a rear differential has two plugs: one to fill the gear oil (fill plug) and the other to drain the oil (drain plug), see the photo. 55 Liters (0. Land Cruiser FJ40 FJ45 FJ55 FJ60 FJ80 Differential. 2) Check under the vehicle to see if there is sufficient clearance for you to access the filler plug on the side of the differential housing. I believe it was a 9mm hex to remove the fill plug and 14mm to remove the drain plug. Differential Vent Thread Size (in) 0. Service type Differential / Gear Oil - Front Replacement: Estimate $153. 99 in our huge selection of parts. 800. Our Toyota parts and accessories are expedited directly from authorized Toyota dealers strategically located all across the U. Come discuss the Camry, Tacoma Tool size for the fill plug is ten millimeters, tool size for the drain plug is twelve millimeters. The fill plug is the one at the front of the differential. Toyota Differential Fill Plug Gasket (1969 - 2019) 12157-10010. , 0. Discover a complete range of Toyota Tacoma Toyota tech. • axle diff 4x4 front parts • axle diff rear end parts • axle shafts rear diff • ball joints / king pin parts • bearings • build it yourself - parts lists • bushings adapt tube size • companion flanges • crush sleeve - collapsable spacer • cv ball stud yokes double cardan • cv parts - double cardan driveshaft • diff Rear diff fill/drain plug torque settings? 2nd gen Matrix AWD I've got a 2010 Toyota Matrix AWD (2. 0. 99 in our huge selection of parts. Used a hammer to hit the 3/8 3 inch extension into the The 2009 Forester Service Manual module that covers changing the rear differential fluid does not specify what size bit is required for the fill and drain plugs on the diff. 36. and are backed by the manufacturer's 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty. $55. Figure 2. Learn about our solutions to maximize your warehouse efficiency. Some drain plugs are magnetic whereas level plugs are not, this plug is a direct replacement of the original Toyota magnetic drain plug & washer. It was really tight and I started stripping it, and to be honest, Im not even sure it is the fill plug. Step 9: Torque filler plug to 29 ft/lb(with new washer, ensure the bolt threads are lubricated) Step 10: Drive truck around in 4x4 for a few miles(to get fluid moved around in the differential) Step 11: Remove the the filler plug again and see if you can add any more fluid, if you can add it until it is seeping out. I do not know the thread size/pitch, but the size is not special to land cruisers. I’m not sure if mine just didn’t have it or I lost It taking it off. Torque: 49 NVm (500 kgfVcm, 36 ftVlbf) 24. Front Filler Plug – P/N 90341-18032 – 1 Qty . 41181d plug (for front differential filler) 41181g gasket (for front differential drain plug) 41181e plug (for front differential drain) 41182a gasket, differential carrier cover 41181b bolt (for front differential carrier cover setting) 41211 pinion, differential drive 41109 cage sub-assy, differential drive pinion bearing 42181 gasket, rear differential carrier 9017008042 ** std part 04412 gasket kit, rear differential carrier 41110a bolt, no. In some models, there’s only one plug, and the old fluid must be drawn out with a hand pump. Removed the differential fill plug on rear diff and only has a brass washer. Ships from Toyota Parts Direct, London ON Plug (for differential filler); plug (for front axle housing); plug (for front differential filler); plug (for front power take-off drain); plug (for. Differential Oil 80W-90 2 qt. Up for sale is a genuine Toyota magnetic differential drain plug. I put teflon tape on the plug as a thread sealer, but it seems as though there is a lack of resistance as I tighten it down. The service book for my standard transmission 5-speed manual 4WD Corolla shows only drain and fill plug (singular) for the manual transaxle, but talks about there being more of them. Differential Drain Plugs, Magnetic, 10mm allen: 90341-18021 ($1. 2. 4L: Service type Differential / Gear Oil - Front Replacement Re: Front diff plug bolt Mar 01 2020, 6:11pm Without the fill hole open, if the tip of the bottle is in the drain hole tight so no fluid can drain out, you would be unable to squirt any in. J. Thanks. Pretty quick to change, I just hit 30k miles. Notes: 18MM-1. 1; 2; Next. And won't get damaged or loose due to rock rash. 90401-PCZ-003). Recommended oil viscosity: Above -18C (0F) SAE 90 Fill plug Well, as it turns out WE ARE BOTH RIGHT. *Lbf) Rear diff fill plug: 36 ft lbs - uses ultra grey rtv: tool H14 I have this tool 3 3/8 pts API GL-5 Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Oil Front diff fill plug: 25 ft lbs – uses new metal gasket: tool H10 1 ¾ pt Hypoid Super GL-5 80W-90 or API GL-5 Viscosity SAE 80W-90 *7 Xfer case fill plug: 26 ft lbs – used new metal gasket: tool same as front diff 41181d plug (for front differential filler) 41181f gasket (for front differential filler plug) 41181e plug (for front differential drain) 41181g gasket (for front differential drain plug) ** 35-03 41211 pinion, differential drive 41211a bearing, tapered roller (for front drive pinion front) 41109 cage sub-assy, differential drive pinion bearing Engine Gearbox Transfer Drain or Fill Plug 19mm bolt 18mm Thread Aftermarket 90341-18089 This is a high quality engine, gearbox or transfer case drain or fill plug to suit many Toyota vehicles from 1977 to current models. R&I (Removal and Installation) the filler plug first then the drain plug until the differential completely empties out. Locate the breather hose/cap located on the driver’s side engine bay near the wheel well. One hi, one low, you can use 15/16 socket as well. Well, I will answer my own questions. 10, manual hubs,pyro+boost guages, Dark Toumaline, add a leaf, Dale's TYMAR, and HX hose, downpipe, coolant filter, Luk Using a 24mm socket remove the fill plug located in the middle (ish) of the rear axle housing. Does anyone know what size the square head plug is? I tried a 1/2 and a 3/8 ratchet but one was too big and one was too small. 88 $ 8 . 00 2002 Toyota Sienna Refilling Front differential and Auto Tr. Transmission 75w-90 GL4 only 2. I had heard these plugs can break / chew up when trying to remove them, so with this in mind I had bought some a while ago ready for when I do this job. 500 (1) 1. to/2J12JE8 Link for the ALUMIN Remember to pull filler plug before drain because if you get drain plug out and cant fill your in trouble. 000 (1) 1. then fill up the rest of the oil to capacity, taking care NOT to overfill the gearbox with oil! Once your done just clean up and replace the filler plug where it was and enjoy smoother shifting! Enjoy! B) I have an 04 2. Cheers chaps. This is also the most economical fix for a rusted leaking Toyota rear axle. Properly dispose of the old gear oil. To remove the transfer case fill bolt I use a allen key and cut it to 1/2 inch wide and then fit a metal tubing (12 in) to make it longer. Fill differential until fluid is level with fill hole. I bought a set of deep sockets from Home Depot that included a 22mm deep socket. x 24mm O. -20 (1) Get Results. 03 kgs, Buy new & genuine Japanese car parts. SEPARATE SPEED SENSOR REAR LH (SEE PAGE 30-45 ) 8. IIRC the correct allen wrench is 10 mm (I always keep a 10 mm allen in rig with a few other tools, and a couple more in the garage). Low profile design uses recessed 10mm Allen socket. skeezix, Aug 7, 2014 #5 24 mm. The truck should be level when you perform the service. OR17TRD , Feb 11, 2019 #9 Shop for the best Differential Drain Plug for your vehicle, and you can place your order online and pick up for free at your local O'Reilly Auto Parts. If you are using the additive, Put in 1L of fluid first like so. At some point you probably rounded, misplaced, lost and or damaged these and you can't seem to find a suitable replacement until now. Remove the filler plug and gasket. This cover can be directly installed on any 1986-2014 8. Its air-operated design allows you to switch from an open differential to 100% lockup when you need it, giving you the ultimate in driver selectability. 2001 Toyota Sienna. For fitment verification, contact our sales team via 1. Everything went well except that I am concerned with the fill plug on the differential. There is an upper filler plug and a bottom drain plug in each differential. If there is no drain plug, clean the central part of the axle, take off all the nuts holding the differential carrier to the axle and loosen the carrier enough to allow oil to flow from the axle. Step 2 – Fill front differential. 5 in the original post will not fit the drain holes. and are backed by the manufacturer's 12 month, 12,000 mile I rolled over 50k miles so yesterday I changed the rear diff, transfer case (easier than engine oil), and attempted the front diff. Ford 8. This is a genuine Toyota engine, gearbox or Introduced: 01-08-1993. Front Filler Plug Crush Gasket – P/N 12157-10010 – 1 Qty . 50 thread 24mm bolt head (use 6-sided socket only) Alternately, 10mm allen head socket on the newer style plugs Engine oil pan: M0 thread mm bolt head Brake Lines buy 2005 toyota highlander plug (for differential filler); plug (for front axle housing); plug (for plugfor, screwfor - oem toyota part # 9034118006 Toggle Navigation Toyota Parts Overstock D looks like rear fill plug, may be for the trans case too, I don't remember if the drain and fill were different. 68. 250 (4)-4 AN (2) 7/16 in. 95 If your differential has both a drain plug and a fill plug your first step is to remove the two plugs with your ratchet and socket. 1) Make sure the transmission is in P (A/T) or in gear on a manual, then FIRMLY set the parking brake and block the drive wheels. Round (24) Hex (11) Get Results. Toyota OEM Front Differential Fill Plug (1996-2017) 90341 Click the button below to add the Toyota OEM Rear Axle Housing Fill Plug 90341-18049 to your wish list. Remove this plug first. PLUG (FOR REAR AXLE HOUSING FILLER) 1979/03 OEM Suzuki Differential Drain Plug with Seal. Important Note: It’s important to note that some early 2011 and older models could have rear differentials with slightly different drain plug and fill plug locations. 1 (for rear differential carrier set) 42110d gasket (for rear axle housing drain plug) 42110e plug (for rear axle housing drain) 42110k gasket kit, differential carrier 2012 Outback 2. 90402-PCZ-003) A differential drain plug crush washer (Honda Part No. or as low as $ /mo with. Both transmission and differential plugs must be removed to drain all fluid from both units. When it comes to your Toyota Tundra, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. for fill & drain. The front diff is basically the same procedure above, but you will need an Allen socket. 2 litres 4. 8 live axle Mustang. com . 42181 gasket, rear differential carrier 42110a plug (for rear axle housing filler) 9451200800 ** std part 9017008204 ** std part 41110a bolt, no. Ships from Toyota Parts Overstock, Lakeland FL In this video, we show you what to do if you are faced with a stripped drain or fill plug on the front differential of your 3rd Gen 4runner or 1st Gen Tacoma Differential and Transmission/Transfer Case Drain Plug Crush Washers Gaskets for Toyota 4runner Tacoma Tundra FJ cruiser Land Cruiser, Replacement for the Part# 12157-10010 90430-24003 90430-18008 4. 1 of 2 Go to page. 6 out of 5 stars 85 Drain/fill plug information: Rear/front differential, transfer case, transmission: M18-1. If you have ever tried to change the Front diff oil in a Hilux or Prado, you will know how hard it is to remove the lower drain plug. Typically the gear oil must be level with fill hole. The Yukon Zip Locker is the latest in on-demand traction. It has been that was since about 1994(approx year),when they went to the A541E. The 53084-39000 actually fits the fill plug, not the drain plug. Includes bung, fill plug and o-ring Differential Carrier Fill Plug. 1 x Men Ivy Cap (Other accessories are not included, trying out trendy mens hoodie styles, Date first listed on : January 18, Perfect Essential Oil Shirt With Vibrant Colors And High-Resolution Design Will Drain the rear diff first. 12157-10010 @ $. To service both diffs What is the filler plug size on the rear differential of a 1990 ford f150? Posted by Tom Watson on Nov 24, 2011. 750 (1) Get Results. Draining the differential. But the socket still didn't clear the plastic plug that comes off the fill bolt. Choose top quality brands Genuine, Needa. However, after removing the bash plates under the front end, i see a bottom drain plug (allen key head), but cannot see any fill plug 1/2 way up. Official 2021 Toyota Tundra site. It needs a 24mm socket as I recall. According to the owners manual, the front differential has a capacity of 1. They use either a 10mm or 12mm hex key, and that can be a problem for many reasons: The recess that the key fits into can easily get filled up with crud. for fill & drain. For sale is a set of drain and fill plug with gaskets kit. D. 8, its location is indicated by a white arrow. What size allen head is needed for the dran and fill plugs for the front diff and the trans on an 11 Sp 500? I know it is bigger than 6mm. First loosen the fill plug (blue circle) using 24mm socket, then position the drain pan under diff. Is there a drain and fill plug on the rear diff? I can barely see a plug in the bottom with a 1/2" or 3/8" square drive but I cannot seem to find the fill plug looking from the rear tires. Just seat the drain plug or fill plug then 1/2 turn till it stops moving. Qts. The drain plug is still located on the bottom side of the differential. Genuine Spicer light vehicle axle products are manufactured to the same high standards as original equipment (OE) parts because they are OE parts. I will then weld a nut or bolt head onto it before I place it back into the diff. Fill and Drain Plug, Magnet, Allen The Early Model Toyota Land Cruiser is The Ultimate Off Road Vehicle! Reinstall the fill plug along with the appropriate crush washer and torque to spec. 5" and 8. It needs a 23mm socket. no drips or dribbles You've rounded off the heads of these LONG ago. Don’t be that guy who can’t get the fill plug off and doesn’t have any lube left in his diff! Remove the drain plug next. Our Toyota has two plugs, and the top plug is the fill plug. Not sure, but 1968 might have been the year of change for Chevelle housings. The fill plug can be located just behind the rear of the axle or on the driver side of the differential. Clicking this will make more experts Genuine Toyota Part # 9034118035 (90341-18035) - Plug (for rear differential carrier cover); plug (for rear differential drain); plug, front differential drain; plug, no. Genuine Toyota Part - 9093003170 (90930-03170). The drain plug designed with integrated magnet as a debris indicator. Clean around the drain plug and filler plug, and put a large container under the drain plug to catch the old oil. 12mm it is. 5 24MM Hex Thread Length 11MM Drain Plug Toyota; Transmission and Front diff gets 1. I was doing this on a Sunday, so Hyundai wasn't open to try to find the correct crush washer. I plan to get it repaired eventually, but in the meantime might just top up the fluid for now. Want Answer 0. 5i CVT So I had a suspicion at some point that my front differential oil was low. 50 each Transmission fill/drain plug gasket: SU00303626 @>$11 each I went to the Subaru dealer today and he said the Tranny fill/drain gaskets are $8 each so I ordered those, but he did not find any parts for the differential. However I couldnt get the fill plug off. 5MM Magnetic; Transmission and transfer case #90341-18015 or M18-1. The oil may begin to spill out slightly, so be sure to have rag handy to clean up any excess. 8" rear ends. Shop Toyota RAV4 PLUG. Remove the fill plug using a 24mm socket. In many cars, a mechanic can remove the fill plug and inspect the level and condition of the gear oil through the fill hole. Late model Toyota Rav4 vehicle with optional all wheel drive have a common problem we’ve been seeing pop up as they age, namely a fluid leak from the rear differential. The rear is pretty straight forward as can be seen in picture 1, it has a drain plug at the bottom, and a fill hole 1/2 way up. Add To Cart. Buy 12pcs Transfer and Differential Fill/Drain Plug Gaskets for Toyota Lexus 4Runner Land Cruiser Tundra Tacoma FJ Cruiser Highlander RAV4 Sequoia Sienna, Replace # 90430-18008 12157-10010 90430-24003: Drain Plug - FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases, Worldwide Shipping Heart move low price free delivery worldwide Fast shipping and low prices the Best Quality, the Fastest Fulfillment. FOR REAR DIFFERENTIAL FILLER; NO. 25/each OEM Allen Head Toyota Drain Plug With Magnet Fits 1958-1/1990 Manual Transmissions - Use Steel Gaskets Fits 1958-2018 Transfer Case Drain & Fill Plug - Use Aluminum Gaskets Fits 1958-1997 Front & Rear Differential Drain & Fill Plugs - Use Steel Gaskets Note the pressure is 4. Unscrew the drain plug. It's located in the hood at the way back. To get the level correctly, you should make sure the car is leveled. Remove the 4 stud bolts from the transmission coupling. 2001 TOYOTA TACOMA (RM835U) Drain plug, Filler plug 49 500 36 Rear differential (3RZ-FE, 5VZ-FE, w/o Diff. The car has done about 74000 miles. Fill plug is knurled for removal with out tools. For the front, I was able to suction out 1. Quantity 1 Amazon affiliate link for the STEEL crush washers (good deal on a bag of 10 (Toyota part number 12157-10010)): https://amzn. 125 (6) 0. D. Dorman Products - 65340 : Oil Drain Plug Differential Plug Chrysler 2008-2000, Head Size. 005 kgs, Buy new & genuine Japanese car parts. Discontinued: 01-11-1995. That's it, fluid change is complete. Up front is a pain to get at. Kit to add a large fill/inspection plug to Toyota front and rear axles (may also fit other axles). This is a fully synthetic, standard OEM fill fluid used in non-limited slip application like the 2010+ FJ Cruiser’s front and rear differentials. 5×12 Magnetic Drain Plug for Toyota Truck Manual transmission, transfer case, and rear differential drain plug This drain plug is equipped with a 7/16″ diameter high-temperature magnet and can be used for a manual transmission drain plug, transfer case, and the rear differential drain plug on any Toyota truck. Dana 60 Front BTW it is recommended that you change your differential fluid every 15,000 miles. The plug-in hybrid version of Toyota’s popular compact crossover SUV will be the quickest, most powerful AND most fuel-efficient RAV4 ever. 6. 66 and 67 use 3/4 NPT (hole measures about an inch). Step 2: Locate the drain & fill plugs on the rear differential. 5 with 10MM Hex thread length 11. I take it you have the 5 spd. 1; for filler plug; for front axle housing plug; for front differential drain plug; for front differential filler I have had them on my 60 since the 90's. x 1. Last. REMOVE REAR DIFFERENTIAL DRAIN PLUG (a) Using a hexagon wrench (10 mm), remove the drain plug and gasket, and drain the oil. My 2008 Toyota Tundra has the first version, with the gears accessed from the front and the oil drain and fill plugs located on the back and bottom of the rear differential. 69 from online discount dealer. Diff Transfer Gearbox Drain Filler Plug Kit Toyota Landcruiser and Hilux Suits All Landcruisers from 1970's to current models and Hilux from 1970's to 2004 (Not KUN GGN TGN). Front Drain Plug Crush Gasket – P/N 90430-24003 – 1 Qty This is the Yukon Zip Air Locker for the Toyota 8" V6 Differential. Fill plug. I got the following from Joel's tech write up: REAR DIFF: Torque is 36 lb. umm not sure Buy a 1997 Toyota Tacoma Differential Drain Plug at discount prices. Used on 1986-1995 Suzuki Samurai. Later years uses 1/2 NPT (hole measures about 3/4 inch). I have never used it tho. If you have the other style, which has a cover on the back of the differential, you have 2 options for draining the differential fluid. 76 - $249. 6L Duramax Diesel 2500HD Series applications and all 3500 Series applications, the proper level is from 17 mm to 21 mm (0. It features a convenient hex drive and a powerful 7/16″ diameter magnet. 8 in) below the bottom of the fill plug hole, located on the rear axle. You can find the parts you want. Differential fill plug gasket: SU00300122 @$2. I'm a torque wrench freak but not on a diff drain plug, my torque wrench collection worths more then some of the cars I work on. Inducer size: 48mm: The largest of all the GT4 turbo inducers: Inducer configuration: Twin 5 blade : Exducer size? Compressor inlet housing outer diameter: 70mm : Compressor outlet: od - 53. Differential Drain Plug Tool - 14mm. If you can't loosen the fill, don't remove the drain. View all ×. They are both 1/2 in square recess and can be driven with a 1/2 in extension on a ratchet. 58. The upper bolt is the fill plug and the one below to left of my hand is the drain plug. 96 F250 PS XLT 4X4 long box, 5sp,4. I've found various specs for the torque on the various drain and fill plugs, so I just torque everything to 30 pound-feet. I assume you are talking about the rear differential. To refill there is a plug that you need to remove, fill until fluid comes out the hole. 48 To 0. cm, 36 ft. When I called the toyota dealer, they said they can check it and give me a report as to what 2004 toyota rav4 service repair manual 1. 58 Us qts. 2 engine under cover assembly - 22 lb-ft (12mm) Parts: Toyota Genuine Differential gear oil LT 75W-85 GL-5 or equivalent - Toyota part # 08885-02506 The last picture shown is the front diff. lock) Differential x Propeller shaft 74 750 56 Last week my W reg toyota avensis (5 gear manual petrol 1. It is sometimes referred to as Lexus Drain Plug Our Lexus parts and accessories are expedited directly from authorized Lexus dealers strategically located all across the U. Easy to use parts catalog. 30 each Differential drain plug gasket: TOY1215710010 @$1. I could not get the fill plug to budge. 8 Fill Plug Location Pictured below is the fill plug for the Ford 8. To ensure reliability, purchase Toyota part # 90341-A0002 PLUG. Install the fill plug and torque to 35 foot-pounds. 8mm both demand drive & transmission. Materials: 2 drain plug gaskets, Toyota part no. 9 tdi 130 bhp 96 kw , previous motors, 1995 hilux surf , 1995 celica gt4 st205 , Diff Fill Plug Size DISCLAIMER: Toyota Owners Club is Your vehicle deserves only genuine OEM Toyota parts and accessories. 88 Rear diff drain plug - 36 lb-ft (24mm or 15/16") Rear diff fill plug - 36 lb-ft (24mm or 15/16") Front diff drain plug - 48 lb-ft (10mm hex) Front diff fill plug - 29 lb-ft (10mm hex) No. Find a new Tacoma at a Toyota dealership near you, or build & price your own Toyota Tacoma online today. I tried a 1/2" ratchet head but its not a snug fit. Description: Magnetic Drain Plug Magnetic Drain Plugs are a great way of keeping metal from building up in the oil. 45 To 0. The allen head plugs from the dealer are less than $2. I am going to change out the diff oil in my 99 Grande. 1 (for rear differential carrier set) 42110 housing assy, rear axle 42110a plug (for rear axle housing filler) 42110b gasket (for rear axle housing filler plug) 42110c plug, breather (for rear axle housing) 41334b seal, oil (for rear differential side gear shaft) 41110h plug (for rear differential filler) 41108c plug, breather (for rear differential carrier cover) 41108a plug (for rear differential carrier cover) 41183 deflector, rear differential breather plug oil 41301 case sub-assy, rear differential 41361 washer, rear differential side gear Differential front mount to frame: 101 ft-lbs Differential rear mount to frame: 64 ft-lbs Ring gear bolts: 71 ft-lbs Differential drain plug: 48 ft-lbs Differential fill plug: 29 ft-lbs Axle shaft hub nut (ADD): 174 ft-lbs Axle shaft inner hub safety bolt (manual hubs): 13 ft-lbs Hub body to axle hub (manual hubs): 23 ft-lbs Engine Gearbox Transfer Drain or Fill Plug 24mm Engine Gearbox Transfer Drain or Fill Plug 24mm bolt 18mm thread. The fill plug torques to 29lb-ft and the drain torques to 48 lb-ft. When it comes to your Toyota Tacoma, you want parts and products from only trusted brands. Despite being different size plugs, both take 10mm hex heads. There's a cavity with no plug at the - Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanic We use cookies to give you the best possible experience on our website. Differential Vent Head Style. A Genuine Toyota rear differential magnetic drain plug complete with washer for the Hilux Pickup, Hilux Surf & Land Cruiser models listed. So I drained it all. You will know when the differential is full when the oil starts to spill via the oil fill screw. S. This heavy-duty and impact-resistant product is meant to make the adventures in your 4×4 a safer, funnier, and more memorable experience. The transfer case fill & drain plugs are not hard to miss they face the rear of your truck and are 24MM bolts. Torque: 39 n*m (398 kgf*cm, 29 ft. Plug. I’m use my 3/8 socket extender. Order Full Size Chevy Rear End & Differential Fill Plug, With Gasket, 1958-1964 for $24. Add to Compare. Fasteners Fastener Wrench Size Loctite Torque Notes / Special Tools Fill and Drain Plug 3/8” Hex Key PST 13 - 18 lb ft Pipe thread – do not over-tighten. the Tacoma was redesigned and transferred into the mid-size segment in 2005. See Fig. 5 mm thick. Lexus shows the LX570 comes with the exact same drain and fill plugs with the 10mm allen head as the Tundra so I guess that route is out. I know its a square socket just trying to find out the size. 10" rear drums, V6 and turbo applications used stronger third member with larger bearings and bigger third member, coil sprung 4Runner axles are 1/2" wider than pickup axles, factory 4. Differential fill plug gasket: SU00300122 @$2. The first time Toyota recommends replacing this is 120k if you're driving in "ideal conditions," although they recommend inspecting it every 30k. aFe has also designed a large oil level sight glass with calibration plug set to the Order Chevy Rear End, Differential Fill Plug, With Gasket, 1955-1957 for $11. KC Desert · Registered. Genuine Toyota SU003-00122 (SU00300122) GASKET (FOR REAR DIFFERENTIAL FILLER PLUG) for Toyota GT 86: Price from 1. Toyota parts shows the 12157-10010 gasket used on both our rear diff drain and fill plugs FWIW. Developed with quality as paramount importance, it meets the Fill Plug by Yukon Gear & Axle®. 2) Use a device to **** fluid from fill hole, then refill. 87: Shop/Dealer Price $184. Front and Rear Differential Fill and Drain Plug Crush Washers Gasket Fits for Toyota 4Runner Tacoma FJ Cruiser Land Cruiser, Replacement for the part# 12157-10010, 10 Pack 4. Fast shipping. To ensure reliability, purchase Toyota part # 90341-24014 PLUG, FRONT DIFFERENTIAL DRAIN. REMOVE REAR AXLE SHAFT LH NUT (SEE PAGE 30-45 ) 9. It is best to use a six-point socket to avoid potential slipping and damage to the fill plug hex shape. Kit uses a threaded weld in bung that requires cutting a hole in the housing. Jump to Latest Follow ToyotaNation Forum is a community dedicated to all Toyota models. How I Can Pull The Axle Passenger Side. It's RECOMMEND that you use a torque wrench for installation of the drain plugs. And anyone that has changed the fluid on the front or trans, the manual mentions a sealign washer. The best part is, our Toyota Tacoma Differential Drain Plug products start from as little as $2. 40 To 0. Nobody around where I live seems to know; I don't want to turn some bolt thinking that it is a fill or drain plug when it really isn't and mess Protect it with a differential cover from a trusted brand like Alloy USA, Strange, Moser, G2 Axle & Gear, Detroit Speed, and others. Joined Dec 4, 2008 · 308 Ah, same gear oil different drain and fill plugs. Remove stud bolt. 2001 Toyota Sienna. 1 (for rear differential carrier set) 42110d gasket (for rear axle housing drain plug) Fill until lube barely runs out the fill hole. Summit Racing has a huge selection in stock and ready for duty! You’ll find lightweight aluminum differential covers, beautiful chrome rear-end covers, and near-bulletproof covers for drag racing and off-road Changed my differential oil, transmission fluid and engine oil today. 42110c plug, breather (for rear axle housing) 42110b gasket (for rear axle housing filler plug) 42181 gasket, rear differential carrier 42110a plug (for rear axle housing filler) 9451200800 ** std part 9017008204 ** std part 41110a bolt, no. 750 (1) 1. Special Order Product. 5 litres : Idle speed: 700rpm +/- 50 rpm: Thermostat opening temp: 82 o C: TRD rated at 71 o C M18x1. Be careful not to over tighten the front aluminum diff bolts because you can The drain plug was a bit easier. It is a 15/16 or 24mm I think the 15/16 is actually a tighter fit. Based on what I've read on the forums and other Prius sites 60k may be a better interval for routine changes. Pic of pump I used to fill diff bought it at Orielys for $10. It turns out that the drain plug is bigger than the fill plug so the link to the M18x1. This differential cover plug is designed to match the fit and function of the original part on specified vehicles. They are on the passenger’s side. Two ways you can change fluid - 1) Remove differential cover, let fluid drain, reseal with rtv, and tighten down. The magnet on the drain plug should be cleaned just like the rear diff. 2004 DRIVELINE/AXLES Rear Differential Carrier (4WD) - RAV4 ON-VEHICLE REPAIR REPLACE REAR DIFFERENTIAL OIL a. Dorman 65220 hex bolt will fit the rear differential fill bolt in place of the normal Toyota bolt. The drain plug for the rear axle is under the rear differential. BUT! The Trans and the diff share a common fill, you dont need to remove that plug to fill the trans/diff assy. toyota・COROLLA・REAR AXLE HOUSING & DIFFERENTIAL parts catalogs with pictures. 3psi - there is a typo in the Toyota BGB page EG-183: Oil capacity: 5. ADD DIFFERENTIAL OIL (a) Fill the rear differential carrier assy with hypoid gear oil. Skip to content 15% OFF $125 use code: SAVE15 Online, Ship to Home Only. this plug can be used to replace the fillup plug as well. Remove the drain plug and gasket, and drain the oil. 95 each from local dealer or $. This will allow you fit your tool in that very tight area where normal tools will not fit. Tighten to 15-30 lbs-ft. I am hoping not to remove the diff cover. Most of the Rav4s with the issue have multiple seal leaking (both axle seals and the front pinion seal). Aluminum washers are designed for transfer cases, and aluminum transmissions (G, W & R series). This will fit your Land Cruiser FJ80 front differential from 1993-1997. This part does not have vehicle applications yet. The oil level is to be at the bottom of the fill port. Front Diff Plug Removal Tool Combo Saves The Day. First loosen the fill plug. As the drain plug doesn't have much of a lip some people grind the working end of the socket flat to get a better grip on the plug. 76 - $249. Differential Vent Head Size (in) 0. Fix the rear differential carrier in place with the overhaul attachment. 5. Usually I hammer the 10mm hex into the drain/fill plug. This way you can regulate the flow somewhat, but it can also lead to the oil squirting out. I have a 1992 toyota sr5 pick-up with the extended cab. Any advice or pics o Bought my 75w-140 valvoline and after watching many videos, decided to tackle my rear diff first. 48: 2004 Toyota Solara V6-3. The plug is required to drain the gear oil from the axle since there is no access plate due to the 3rd member (dropout) design. 5mm id - 45mm : Exhaust inlet diameter? Wastegate diameter: 2 x 22mm: Fed individually from the "Twin Entry" system/design: Cat housing flange: 7 stud: 165 - 4 stud 185 - 6 stud: Inlet flange: T4 '86-95 4cyl Turbo and V6* trucks and 4runners, and ALL '96+ 4Runners use the Toyota 8" 4-pinion differential in the rear. Some gearboxes do not have a drain plug, only a filler-and-level plug for topping up. Here are a few things you need to order from a Honda parts store before you get started: A differential fill plug crush washer (Honda Part No. Genuine TOYOTA Part - 9034118006. This fill plug gasket is used in rear axle housing and front differentials. 8 must be filled from this location, not from an aftermarket differential cover. The rear has a capacity of 3. Close once complete, and be careful not to overtighten. Toyota and Lexus require for most late model all wheel drive and 4-wheel drive applications LT synthetic Toyota fluid. Please fill out the form to ask about ordering it. The fill plug is a magnetic plug and will collect particles from the manufacturing of the housing along with wear filings. Price: M18-1. PRODUCT DETAILS. Torque: 49 N. with Sheep Fur Insole and other Shoes at. 3L and USE THE HEX FILLER PLUG. 7. For the Front Differential Gear:-1. 4L), and the rear diff started to develop a bit of a leak (probably left axle seal). A large flat flange helps keep the tool square and on axis when applying the torque to remove the plug. 2000 TOYOTA TUNDRA. It is a low profile plug, ideal for rock crawlers and 4wd trucks. Let the fluid drain out. Same diameters, but slightly What size socket to remove fill plug from differential ? Discussion in ' Trucks [ Eighteen Wheelers ] ' started by FreightlinerFlatbed , Apr 26, 2014 . Now that the drain plug is installed, you can fill the differential fluid through the fill plug. Differential Drain Plug by ARB®. 1 (for rear differential carrier set) 42110d gasket (for rear axle housing drain plug) change them here is for ready reference of the Toyota Parts. m (500 kgf. Toyota Forklifts is the leader in material handling and industrial lift trucks and equipment. Toyota Differential Fill & Drain Plug Gasket 12157-10010 $1. Lowest Price Guarantee* Learn More Differential Some FWD models have separate drain plugs for transmission and differential. Figure 3. Stock washer is 18x24x1. Plug, breather (for rear differential carrier cover). I say two because my truck had a second skid plate next to fill plug that got in the way so I removed it here are pics First skid plate on transfer case Second skid plate on transfer case Advance Auto Parts has 3 different Differential Drain Plug for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. lbf) d. 5 24MM hex thread length 11MM drain plug Toyota; Transmission and transfer case #90341-18006 I just replaced it with a standard plug but as soon as I get by the dealer I'll pick up another magnetic one. 80). Joined Apr 1, 2017 · 193 Posts . 50 each Transmission fill/drain plug gasket: SU00303626 @>$11 each I went to the Subaru dealer today and he said the Tranny fill/drain gaskets are $8 each so I ordered those, but he did not find any parts for the differential. Magnetic Drain/Fill Plug W/Gasket - $6. The size is 24mm, I've found that a six point impact socket works best. Find a new Toyota Tundra at a Toyota dealership near you, or build & price your own Tundra online today. Gasket; plug. If its truely stripped, I use an air hammer to notch it and air hammer it off then replace the plug. 30 each Differential drain plug gasket: TOY1215710010 @$1. Anyone who owns a 4WD Toyota and has dealt with the drain and fill plugs on the IFS front diff knows that they generally suck. This innovative piece was designed with cooling fins to reduce overall gear oil temperatures and to increase rear end housing rigidity for This differential cover has a 5 quart lube capacity at the factory line, magnetic drain plug and magnetic tipped fill plug for maximum rear-end protection. 1 per Differential. TOYOTA > 2007 > FJ CRUISER > 4. I can't find the fill plug for the rear differential for a 2000 Toyota Avalon, V6. Drove the Jeep to warm it up. Related Differential Fill Plug Content. 2001 Toyota Sienna. . b. Use the oil specified by the car manufacturer; there is little gain in using a cheaper oil, since oil changes are at long intervals, perhaps after every 30,000 miles (50,000 km). I lifted the forklift today and found the drain plug at the very bottom of the differential case. 1 (for transfer case). This diff is known as the "V6/Turbo diff. But the fill cap (or what I believe is the fill cap) was stuck (took an 8mm hex). S. Step 3: Drain the fluid with the bottom drain. Sold Individually Remove the fill plug first. Shop restoration car parts and accessories at Classic Chevy. 6 quarts of differential oil into the differential. I had to replace the rrear differential gasket and now I need to refill the differential with oil the problem is I can't get my fill plug out because it is to tight and won't budge. 12L so about 2/3 sucked out) and filled it up. Reinstall the drain plug with a new gasket. Clean the sealing surface around the fill plug hole with a rag. I tried changing the rear diff fluid yesterday but wasn't able to. With the oil catch pan in place remove the drain plug, located on the bottom of the rear axle housing, using a 24mm socket. Thanks. By removing the fill plug first the housing you ensure you can refill the differential before draining all the oil out. 500 (2) 0. Now grab the 75W-90 and your oil pump. It's ALWAYS the size you don't have - A law of the universe. Get the most out of your oil changes, and make sure there is no more leaking around the oil drain plug. Next is the transfer case you will have to remove the two skid plates. OK so I want to drain my rear differential. INSTALL REAR DIFFERENTIAL DRAIN PLUG (a) Using a hexagon wrench (10 mm), install the drain plug and a new gasket. 2000 SR5 3. I was trying to change the front differential fluid and the fill plug I couldn't make loose I grinded the treat my problem is that the differen Front differential fill plug grinder treat plug - 2006 Toyota Sequoia RockAuto ships auto parts and body parts from over 300 manufacturers to customers' doors worldwide, all at warehouse prices. Anyone know the size? I checked my tool box, and the biggest socket I could find was a 19mm, and the standard size socket I was using was starting to round out the fill plug so I guess I now need to find the correct socket :selfbonk: 100% free webcam site! | Awesome chicks and it is differential fill plug and gasket. Figure 1. The plug facing the drivers side wheel will fill the diff. Just wipe this off with a rag and use Teflon tape or a liquid thread sealant on the threads. Is it the same plastic one as the oil drain plug, or is it an aluminum washer? Thanks for an help. And the rest of the studs are the “normal” size. 23. 6 in to 0. 41301 case sub-assy, rear differential 41222 plate, rear differential ring gear set bolt lock 41222a bolt (for rear differential ring gear set) 41110h plug (for rear differential filler) 41110j gasket (for rear differential filler plug) 41114 bolt, rear differential bearing cap 41181h cover, rear differential carrier 41183a bolt (for rear 41991 caution plate, rear differential 42110a plug (for rear axle housing filler) 42110b gasket (for rear axle housing filler plug) 9161140816 ** std part 42306a union (for rear axle breather house) 42110 housing assy, rear axle 41110a bolt, no. 87: Shop/Dealer Price $184. 5L of fluid through the fill plug (capacity is 2. Built-in internal and external fins transfer heat from the fluid to the outside air for maximum cooling. Toyota Model: vw passat 1. 48 Imp. The AFE 46-70032 Dana 80 Differential Cover brings performance engineering to the protection of your truck's rear-end. 2 (FOR TRANSFER - OEM Toyota Part # 9034136001 (90341-36001) Standard differential oil capacity: 0. (Take a look in your engine bay. But no front diff. BTW i knew the filler size because thats the one i tackled first Magnetic drain plug had a film of metallic paste on it maybe 2mm thick. It features a convenient hex drive and a powerful 7/16″ diameter magnet. Can someone please post some pics or explain how to change the front diff fluid. Rear Diff Drain/Fill plug size. By removing the fill plug first the housing will be able to breath allowing the differential oil to drain more quickly. 280. 5 litres 4. The 2021 Toyota RAV4 Prime plug-in hybrid uses an efficient has engine and two motors to make it the most powerful and most efficient RAV4 crossover SUV yet. You may need a pump to easily pump fluid in. bty the filler hole/plug is supposed to be large enough to stick your little finger through (so you can feel the level of oil), apparently supposed to be changed at 40,000km intervals (Gregory's Service Manual) I am use to the corolla manual transmission diff/gear oil that was easy but the camry V6 . There is not a drain plug. We may not keep this item in stock at all times. Apr 26, 2014 #1 This functional differential cover was engineered by Ford as original equipment on the 2011-13 GT500 and 2012/13 Boss 302. 4L V6 Automatic 4x4, e-locker , 175k Miles, Rust Advance Auto Parts has 3 different Differential Drain Plug for your vehicle, ready for shipping or in-store pick up. Steel (17) Steel/Rubber (11) Aluminum (5) Plastic (4) Rubber (2) Stainless steel (2) *New Fill Plug *New Fill Plug Gasket *New Magnetic Drain Plug *New Drain Plug Gasket *Rear differential housing and cover is fully degreased, chemically cleaned, bead-blasted, cast iron is epoxy coated and cast aluminum cover is ceramic coated for a brand new look! *Stage #1 Upgrades and Extra Parts Costs: This plug is a direct replacement for your original and has the factory thread and 3/8" square socket hole for a quick and easy installation! Fitment Note Fits both 7. Re: Front diff filler plug location by Tyler1993 on Thu, 14 Dec 2017 10:17 +0000 If you remove the front passenger side wheel and look in behind the cv there is a fill plug. Replacement Diff drain plug with 24mm Hex Head with Magnet. '86-95 4cyl Turbo and V6* trucks and 4runners, and ALL '96+ 4Runners use the Toyota 8" 4-pinion differential in the rear. I recommend a tall ramp under all 4 wheels so its level and up in the air enough to get at. ) Using a 10 mm socket hexagon wrench, install a new gasket and the rear differential filler plug. The best part is, our Toyota Tundra Differential Drain Plug products start from as little as $2. NPT 1/2″ Magnetic Drain Plug This plug fits the larger Briggs & Stratton and similar engines, generally serving as a fill and drain plug and sometimes the rear differential as well. This diff is known as the "V6/Turbo diff. I read Joel's driveline service write up but do not see the FRONT diff torque specs in it. 88s available in vehicles equipped with automatic transmissions starting in 1992, but the pinion is moved closer to the ring gear than on all the other 3rds. This plug comes with the metallic crush washer that works as a seal for metal to metal surfaces. Found it! There is a small plug on the front side of the diff; before draining it I verified it was filled to the bottom of the hole. Does anyone know the torque specs for the front diff fill & drain plugs? Many thanks! _____ Use an oil pump such as the Plews Lubrimatic Fluid Quart Pump transfer the new oil into the rear differential via the oil fill screw. Your choice of Aluminum or steel washers. I used a Dremel to get into it, but as soon as I Official 2021 Toyota Tacoma site. It is sometimes referred to as Toyota Drain Plug . 48: 2006 Toyota Solara L4-2. Once the differential fluid dwindles to a few drips, clean off the fill plug and reinstall it, and torqueing it to 29 lb•ft. 6 quarts. DON’T put the diff lock plug on the 4Runners with 4wd and from 1996 to 2002 came stock with an extended front differential breather. I did not change the front becouse I could not locate the drain and fill plug. Covers ship fully welded with a large fill plug so all you have to do is prep your axle and weld it on! Fill plug uses a 9/16 allen wrench. " - Stronger housing than the 4cyl diff - Larger carrier bearings than the 4cyl diff - 30 spline axles - 27 spline pinion (pre-'96) - Ten 10mm ring gear bolts When you change your oil and oil filter, you may want to replace your drain plug gasket, too. So I managed to find a washer at the parts store that was close enough to the correct size 18mm I. Rear Diff Pinion Bearing Nut Side - EVO. EVO Rear Differential Pinion Bearing - Nut Side Used in all EVO 8, 9 X Rear Differentials. Rear Axle Filler/Drain plug gasket (2 required) 12157-10010. This is a little more work but the payoff is worth it for the total coverage and increased oil capacity. Differential Filler / Drain Plug Washer (18mm ID) ×. 03 USD, Weight 0. Using a 10 mm socket hexagon wrench, remove the rear differential drain plug and gasket. Differential Vent Material. 3qt Drain Crush washer 90430-A0003 24mm hex magnetic plug 27ft-lbs Fill 2009 Rear Differential fill plug size. COMBO - Diff Plug removal tool and Replacement Diff drain plug with 24mm Hex Head with Magnet 24mm Hex to 10mm Allen Hex Diff Plug Removal Tool Servicing the front diff on a Hilux or Prado can be quite a task when the diff fill and drain plugs become hard to remove. Go. Replace the 3/8" drive plug in the differential case. 4. I had tried a torch and a hammer and everything I had in me and could not apply enough torque to the front differential drain plug on my 2006 Toyota Sequoia until I used this tool. Our wide selection is eligible for free shipping and free returns. $35. Clean all of your housings with a good degreaser to keep an eye on possible leaks. Toyota Venza. The fill plug located in the middle (ish) of the rear axle housing. Once the drain plug is completely removed, remove the fill plug. The fill & drain plugs are highlighted for your tranny. 7. Now, a word of caution, the Fill plug on both differentials is made from plastic, its a 21mm size spanner, and it also has a slot in the middle to allow a large flat bladed screwdriver to be used. If you just want to plug the hole, the plumbing supply will help you do that. and are backed by the manufacturer's 12 month, 12,000 mile warranty. c. 32 USD, Weight 0. FILLER(FOR TRANSFER); FOR REAR DIFFERENTIAL CARRIER COVER; FOR REAR DIFFERENTIAL - OEM Toyota Part # 9034118035 (90341-18035) Toggle navigation ALWAYS remove the fill plug first so if the drain plug rounds off or won't budge you can drive to a shop to have a nut tacked onto the plug and removed. jw08 · Registered. Rear drain plug is a flatter external hex. 2 quarts. 0L V6 > Drivetrain > Differential Drain Plug. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for GENUINE TOYOTA / LEXUS DIFFERENTIAL TRANSMISSION DRAIN FILLER PLUG 9034118032 at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products! Front diff fill plug: What size/Tool? Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 3 of 3 Posts. REMOVE REAR DIFFERENTIAL FILLER PLUG (a) Using a hexagon wrench (10 mm), remove the filler plug and gasket. Front Drain Plug – P/N 90341–24014 – 1 Qty . I did a search but the picture does not look like the bottom of my truck. Click to expand It'll be the one from the empty space in the tool holder between the one too big and the one too small; pretty much guaranteed. Oil grade: Hypoid gear oil API GL-5. Steel washer is designed for … Probably have to find the part number for the rear plug then figure out what size thread it has and search for that size plug/bolt with said thread and head. This way you don't need to worry about boogering up the edges of the plug. Your vehicle deserves only genuine OEM Lexus parts and accessories. Front differential tips: Remove the skid plate first, providing easier access to the differential. 0 litres: Dry fill Drain and fill with new filter Drain and fill without filter: Coolant capacity: 7. 7 out of 5 stars 97 $8. Fill to the correct level with the new oil and refit the filler plug. Our Toyota parts and accessories are expedited directly from authorized Toyota dealers strategically located all across the U. Pump about 1. genuine Toyota differential fill plug and aluminum Genuine Toyota 90341-18023 (9034118023) GASKET (FOR REAR DIFFERENTIAL FILLER PLUG): Price from 2. With total system output of 302 horsepower. Genuine Toyota Part - 1215710010 Toyota and Lexus LT fluid. One side of the tool has a 24mm hex and the other side has a slightly oversize 10mm hex which is designed to fit snuggly into the Toyota hex plug. This is a great product. 3. 36. Transaxle is filled through dipstick tube, and differential is filled through a separate fill plug. toyota differential fill plug size